Nancy Linehan Charles: Actress/Author

NANCY LINEHAN CHARLES has been a professional actress and writer for three decades. She has performed on stage from off-Broadway and the Kennedy Center to regional theatres including the Meadowbrook Theatre, Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre, The Geffen Playhouse, Pacific Resident Theatre and the Colony theatre in L.A., in such roles as Vivian Bearing in the Pulitzer-winning play WIT, Amanda Wingfield in GLASS MENAGERIE, to name a few.

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Salty Shakespeare

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Founded three years ago by Nancy Linehan Charles, Salty Shakespeare has been performing various scenes from Shakespeare’s plays erupting in public places in the Los Angeles area.

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Nancy just got back from several months in Boston, after acting in Eve Ensler’s ‘O.P.C’

Read a review of the play here: Eve Ensler’s ‘O.P.C’ is politically ambitious and has huge heart There’s no question that “O.P.C” (Obsessive Political Correctness) by Eve Ensler is politically ambitious and has a huge heart.

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    I went to the Renaissance Fair today with Will and Jessica. I cannot believe I avoided this place for YEARS because I thought it would be like Shakespeare at Disneyland. It is SOOOOO much fun. Be real: where else will you EVER get to see jousting? Huh? Or games where you throw javalins or AXES????? There's wonderful clowning and bawdy jokes and lots of ale being sloshed about. Will and I flashed Gertrude and Hamlet before the Queen of England. I mean, come on! At the end of our little flash, the Queen rose to her feet shouting "HUZZAH!!!!" Not your regular matinee crowd. As we left, Will and I began shouting out dueling monologues: Shylock and "To Be Or Not To Be". So crazy. So fun. I'm going every year. Thank you Will and Jessica for breaking through my wall of snobbery. Long live silliness!!

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